Thursday, May 2, 2013


Two weeks ago I  died and went to heaven, I think. A relative of mine came home from Japan and decided to stay with us for a week. And an out of town beach trip is included in her itinerary. Since I'm aching for tan lines, white sand, clear skies & sunburn why not come along.
We're supposed to be on the road at 4 in the morning but because all of them are sleep deprived we never made it on time. We left Manila past 5. I was hoping to catch the glimpse of the sunrise right on the beach. That's something to cross out on my bucket list but unfortunately we got lost not just once. Well It would've been a breath-taking view I'm sure of that.
I took the chance of photographing God's beautiful creations while on the road. I've always been fascinated about nature. There's something very intriguing about it.
Unfortunately our tire blew off while we're driving on the road to Laiya and it needs to be replaced so we stepped out for awhile for some air.
 The moment I stepped foot at the resort I ran right away to the shore. One of the few things I wanna do before I die is to actually go to a beach with white sands and clear seas. It isn't something you always see everyday. Well this trip is definitely something to crossed out from my bucket list. Someday I'll own a beachside rest house. *crossed fingers!*
If you'll look up the best beaches in Batangas, you'll know that it is found in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Almost at the end of Batangas itself. When I looked up for an affordable resort to stay in for the whole day, Virgin Beach Resort's the answer.
I was really surprise how a scenery like this can be breath-taking. They call their resort 'Virgin' which they defined as 'untouched'. If you'd ask me, they really live up to their resort's name. 
Though the sand wasn't that white and powdery as compared to Boracay's (Never been to Boracay!), I like it more than the black sand I was used to seeing since I was a kid.
The sound of ocean waves are more than appealing and soothing to ears than the city's noise. As well as the sound of wind blowing the trees. IT IS REALLY very relaxing.
As you can see from the photos, there's not much people around. I don't know. Probably because (1 the beach isn't that known; (2 the resort's far or at least I think it is nonetheless if you're bringing a private vehicle, it is a long drive. There's also a lot of water activities but that wasn't our agenda for that day.
I've got us a dining parasol since we only stayed for a day and went back to crazy Manila in the afternoon. You can bring packed lunch or you can afford their packages. If you wanna visit the resort and have the best relaxing time, check their website for more info. Just a tip: take the Quezon Province instead of going all through Batangas.
I've had the best time and I wish to go back there if schedule permits. Something like getting away from the city is always on my priority list next to school. A hardworking student needs it once in a while to clear his/her head before going back to reality. I've always said to my Mom that I wanna pack up and runaway and stay at our rest house in Cavite for good. But that's just too complicated for me right now. So really this beach trip was the best reward I received ever since school break officially started.

Till my next post!

xx, Bea.


Shugah Pauline G. said...

wow loveit! I love your friends pink camera... and your outfit is beautiful! Im sure you had a great time

andy said...

pretty pics, looks beautiful ;)