Saturday, December 8, 2012

All I need is a Beauty and A Beat

While I'm drafting post, I'm listening to JB & NM's Beauty and a Beat & I'm raping the replay button. I figured my bestfriend is my beat and he's all I need. Hah. :)))) Okay. This goes out for my one and only guy bestfriend. I am dedicating this post for you, Besh.  

As I’m typing this blog post, I’m ransacking my stash of memories and just found out that we don't have that much pictures together. Can't imagine how we really became bestfriends.
We’ve been bestfriend since when?  I can’t clearly remember. Some people would define bestfriend as someone whom you share almost half of your life with. Someone who is present every important milestone in your life. Someone who is always there for you through ups and downs. Someone who knows your ugliest secret. You spend time like there’s no tomorrow. Then you both had your fair share of pointless arguments, unoffending teasing, embarrassing pen names, and endless story telling. I’m sure y’all agree. I, too yes except for one thing. We’ve known each other since 2008. That’s just four years!  Now I remember.  Can you say we ain’t bestfriends? Nahh. 
Well for me, Bestfriend is someone that no matter how much little time you spend together, you stay true to each other.
Hi Besh. If you're reading this, please don't get mad cos I posted our embarrassing pictures. Hahaha! (:  I'm wishing you the best of everything. Happy 20th! Geez. We're both getting old. We may spent the last years apart but I'm glad we're still the same old dope bestfriends and didn't grew apart. You never changed. I hope I at least made you smile even though you're mad at me cos I'm not coming to your party. Why don't we try to hang out & catch up more often & take more pictures together? You'll always be my Besh. Love you to bits and pieces ya know that! 

Your Besh <3 


Kim Nieves said...

Happy birthday to your friend! :)

Kim Nieves said...

Happy birthday to your friend!! :)

Wonder Woman said...

I love your blog! Wish you had GFC, so I can follow you :(

Daf Benosa said...

Such a sweet post. Happy birthday to your friend! :)

xx Daphne of