Friday, December 7, 2012

Little White Dress

Last Sunday I attended a Christmas Party at my Alma Mater. And to keep to things simple, I opted to wear my favorite Little White Dress. The last time I remember wearing this was two years ago at debut party. If there's an LBD, there's LWD of course! It's a simple gathering of Alumni for a cause. It's time to give back what my Alma Mater needs. What I'm just looking forward is to catch up with some friends about what's happening in their lives.

LWD - Bangkok Store
Accessories - 168 Mall
Gold Glittered Pumps - Borrowed from my sister

Am I just the perfect model for an uneven skin tone? I know right. Tomorrow is my last Prelim exam and I'm planning to finish reviewing by eight which I think I'd finish early if I'm logging off now. Hahaha! Tell me whatchu think!

B <3

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