Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Behind The Scenes Of Fashionista

Every year, there's this thing we called College Day to celebrate the founding anniversary and the triumphs of our College. The student council will hold competitions that would not just showcase the talents of the students but also to have someone represent our college every University Foundation Day. They also prepare games so we could socialize to other year levels and become a one big happy family.

After turning down my blockmates request to represent our block for the upcoming College Day, I finally said Yes. Magulo di ba? It was really a last minute decision to join this year's Fashionista. Me being in the good mood the day they asked me again, I said yes.. Haha. BUT no regrets, at least because I get to do what I love/want and represent my block as well. That's a good thing right? November is a whirlwind of surprises & a roller coaster of emotions for me. I can't contain my happiness of what's happening around me. I'm feeling super blessed. And I think this one is an opportunity for me to discover myself and to loosen up a bit. Opportunity on a silver platter. The photoshoot happened last friday.
One of the reasons why I said yes, its because of the freebies. And this photoshoot, the make up are all free of charge. Awesome! Now, my turn to doll up. I usually prefer a girl to be my make up artist but since everything is free of charge, I have no right to complain. Good thing, the one who dolled me up really knows what a fresh face means.
Too bad, I'm still not allowed to post all the pictures. But here's a little sneak peek of me all dolled up. It's an exhausting day. It was really a last minute of everything. I had to dropped by at the nearest Ukay Shop just to buy what I'm going to actually wear for the photoshoot in the afternoon. Btw, this is my version of hipster. Soon as the tarp goes out, I promise to post more pictures.


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