Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quick Trip Down The Memory Lane

My blog's been hiatus for exactly a month today. Sorry for being busy. I'm busy reconnecting with my High School Besties. And I'm in dire need of inspiration to come up an interesting & senseful blog post.  Here goes what happened. Last week, my Alma Mater celebrated its founding anniversary. The usual routine every year would be, we will watch the performances of different year levels and participate in Ball Games. I had the most awesome and amazing week. 


At least now, you know now what I'm busy doing. It's not always everyday I get to spend time with  them because we definitely have our own college lives. But as much as possible, we try to hang out and catch up more often. Reconnecting with them brought so much memories of my High School. It's a quick trip down the memory lane. I'm glad that no matter how long we spend time apart, there's no room for tampuhan. We shared stories just like high school days. Happy to know that they're still the same individuals I knew four years ago but all grown up & mature now. Blessed to have such beautiful friends who may not always be there physically but you know, with just a quick text, they'll be there for you no matter what.

B <3

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