Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OOTD: Uninspired

I'm finally done uploading all the photos of our College Celebration but I still have one last set to upload for behind-the-scenes. I was asked to cover the 3-day event and me being nice, I agreed. Teehee. Now my turn to blog about what I wore last week. Blog titles please?! I'm kinda not inspired as of the moment. And yes, one needs to be inspired to be able to write something good and senseful here. Again, blogger problems! Haha.
(Photo taken by Danica Dolaota)
I remember checking my window right after taking a warm shower on that gloomy Thursday. Since it's the first day of our College Celebration, a good way to start my morning bright & happy is to wear something colorful. Or at least, appealing to eyes. So I pulled this top from my drawer. Does this one looked familiar? Yes, I wore this top & blogged about this twice already! I'm not the type who wears clothes one time only. As much I can style it in a different way, the better. This time I wore it with jeans.
(Photo taken by Danica Dolaota)

And then I met Hezron Peralta of Tutelar. Finally! A fellow blogger and schoolmate. What a small world! He's nice and adorable! *Hi Hez, if you happen to read my blog! Thank you for the beautiful photos! Bond soon?*
Photos below are taken by Hezron Peralta
And to add a little color to my outfit, wore this skull bracelets I hoarded from 168.
Top - 168 Mall
Jeans - Levi's Philippines
Shoes - MTO
Arm Party - 168 Mall
Watch - Gift from Mom

People told me they thought that I'm not wearing an inner but when they glanced again, that's when they figure out I'm wearing a nude sleeveless. Best trick to keep them looking again right? Honestly, I think my OOTD doesn't pretty much looked like uninspired. From the hue and tone of colors, its basically screaming sweet and happy. Don't you think? Anyways, how was it? Tell me! Good Morning! What are you up to?



Hezron Peralta said...

Yes. I am reading this one :)

Isabel said...

Awweweee! Friends from our blogger group! How sweet! Cute top! :)

Bea Osteria said...

Thanks again, Hez! :)

Bea Osteria said...

Got that top for 300 only and it's the last piece! :)