Friday, January 25, 2013

8 Years

Just a little update from me before I jump into bed and cuddle with my pillows. Sorry for the short hiatus. I've finished presenting our case two weeks ago. I know I should be updating this little space more often. But it's still difficult to juggle between the hustle & bustle of going to school & blogging. I go to school 4x a week so that leaves me 3 days of being a couch potato. But then again there are tons of school works to do. I really think I'll turn into a zombie at any moment now that it's just days away before Midterm Week starts. And if I have time, I try to catch up a full 12-hr sleep or really not just in the mood to blog. Haha. So my apologies. Enough ranting. I'm typing this with one eye open. This is how I rewarded myself after two weeks of cramming & sleepless nights just to meet the deadline for our case.
So this Starbucks Date happened two fridays ago. Sadly we're not complete. It's really hard to go out  with these girls cos of our tight scheds. 
I remember that afternoon was not just all about catching up to what's happening in our lives. It's also all about the good times we had during HS days. All of the stupid things that brought us closer together. All the happy things it's as though it's still fresh and just happened yesterday. That afternoon made me miss my good 'ol high school days. 
I don't exactly remember how we became the best of friends. What I remember is that each one of us came from different groups with different personalities. Basically the reason why we jive together, I think.
It's funny how time flies without even noticing that almost all of us are already finishing college soon. So these catch up sessions we had for the last five months are long overdue. Way overdue. Well maybe becos in that span of four years being apart, we're so busy and enjoying our own college lives, in the middle of it, we somehow miss each other.
They say that it's not how long you've known your friends, it's who stayed and never left your side. I think I've proven and tested them really. That's when I feel like I was nobody and the world is against me, they NEVER turned their backs on me. I've known these girls for 8 years now but it feels like we've known each other since we're born. I'm glad that none of us changed. None of us turned into strangers after high school. Our friendship didn't just end with "we stopped talking". They're still the girls that adopted and accepted me when my old set of friends left and transferred to other schools.It's okay though. No hard feelings. I still owe them cos if not for them I won't meet these girls. Them girls I've known 8 years back who will eagerly tell you what's right and what's not. The girls who will support you in everything you do just as long it makes you happy.
 I guess from that 8 years I realized that it's not important to have many friends. It's more than okay to have few friends. At least they're real and true. These girls are the sisters I never had. Can't imagine life without them. In one way or another, we are a part of each other. So thankful to have em in my life. I'm blessed beyond words. 8 years has past and it's full of memories. Can't wait to make memories and enjoy every moment of it with them.

Goodnight! Hope you had fun reading!

x B.

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