Sunday, June 24, 2012

Follow your heart and dance!

It's been  months since I stopped blogging about my life. This time I left Tumblr for Blogger. Time to get grooving again! What kept me busy this past month is dancing. I am back to dancing, yes. It's always and has been my first love. I gathered all the courage and followed my heart: do what makes you happy. It never slipped my mind that I could do things I love to do together: study and dance. June came up so fast and never noticed that time flies so fast. Last wednesday, I did what I have to do. I recently joined the dance crew of my college: The Xynergy before March ended. I never thought I would be able to do it again after leaving dancing to my high school life. Now, its time again. 

L-R: Danica, Nico, Yours truly, Ian, Airene, Reg, Carl, Bubbles, Angel.

Offering our dance to the Man above.

Beat Blast Production Number
 We didn't win but it doesn't matter at all. Hearing the judges call us we're like "The Philippine All Stars" is enough. From the people I barely know, saying "we're really good" is enough. Praising us here and there is enough. Even hearing the other colleges saying that 'they were threatened' is enough. There's one thing I know, we have the edge.
 I've never given so much thought that one day, I'll be one  of the few people to represent my college in what I do best and what makes me happy. It's not all about dancing after all nor representing my college. Those are the bonus part. It's about sharing your talent, doing what makes you happy.

I'm very glad I was able to build a good relationship with my crew. They're simply the best. I'm thankful because God knows who, what, where and when to put people in my life. These guys came right on time. It doesn't matter if we didn't win. What matters is we did our best the moment we stepped foot on the stage.  I'll surely miss all the fun we had. Late night practices, endless gossips, all the laughter. I know its not our last dance together, its just the beginning and there's more to come.

x B.

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