Sunday, June 24, 2012

PLM'S 47th Day 1: Your Usual Day

When you say June, I really don't get excited being back to school again. I just love shopping new school supplies and buying new school shoes and bag. One of the things I just look forward to is celebrating Foundation Day every June 19th. This year is my favorite. I get to participate and represent my college this year.  It was celebrated for three days. Different contests, booths, bazaar. I love foundation days! It's one of the busiest events in my school. The SSC '12 - 13 made a difference this year.

 Being a PT student has its own perks. Unfortunately, we did have class on that day. What's good about it is we are dismissed on time and we did not have any quizzes. Yahoo!! We savored the day.
The first day is usual. We joined the Parade of Colleges along with their representatives for each of the contests.
So many students who joined the parade.

Our representative's carousel.

Alice In Wonderland Theme.

Right after the parade, I immediately ate my lunch and changed to my dancing attire. The crew spent half of the afternoon polishing steps. 

And yes, we all had fun!

x B.

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