Monday, June 25, 2012

PLM's 47th Day 2: The Project Fashionista

Day 2 is a little intense. We only have morning class but we were already exhausted. Imagine having a 20-item quiz while everyone is having fun at the University Activity Center. How cool is that?
 Look who came to visit his friends. It's the new Male PT Fashionista :)

And my best girlfriend came to visit too! I miss you, Nar! :)
Did I mention how talented the girl on the left? She can sing and dances as well.

Keithleen prepping up for the show. That's her little sister doing her make-up.

A gown made up of sako and plastic cups.

Our whole batch, I presumed, stayed a little late just to show how supportive they are! 

 My circle of friends ever since freshmen years. We rarely go out that's why that night is one of the perfect opportunity to have a group picture with them. :)

You don't know have the slightest idea how exhausting that day is. Nonetheless, I did have fun!

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