Monday, June 25, 2012

PLM'S 47th Day 3: The Beat Blast Street Dance Battle 2012

Fortunately, Day 3 is a little more loose than the first two days of Foundation. We don't have any class. Luckily, it was moved on friday morning. So there is fun.  

Lucky to have such supportive blockmates!
We dressed earlier so that we still can run a dress rehearsal. 

Drying up their shoes.
"College of Physical Therapy"

Before stepping up on stage, I was really disappointed. We were instructed that there will be a roll call per college. Each college has their own tarpaulin except US. So instead of yelling or bragging about it, I just smiled.

CAE - Master Beaters

CTHTIM Frontiers


CME Extremez
CPT - The Xynergy Crew
Although we didn't won, there's one thing I know, we all gave our best shot.
 Let me share you a bizarre story. It so happened that the CAE and CPT dance crews shared the same choreographer. It's very annoying, really when I found out that our choreographer lied to us about it. But it doesn't matter at all. Seeing CAE on stage and holding the trophy made me feel that I won too.
Kudos CAE - Master Beaters for being sport.
Congratulating the winner! :)
We are told that out of 11 colleges who battled for the title, we're on the 5th place. Well, we'll try harder next time.
With the Former Xynergy Crew Members.
During the three day celebration, I wasn't able to try this. :(
And finally, a picture with this amazing girl.
And of course, that day won't pass without pigging out! 


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