Monday, August 27, 2012

Safe and Sound

Whenever I feel the need to wear a loose top, I get something eye catching from my closet, wear it and then tie a knot in it. That's one thing I learn from Laureen Uy. A loose top, I guess, is my comfort outfit. If there is comfort food, well there's a comfort outfit. I bet you all agree on that. I feel safe and sound whenever I'm rocking a loose t-shirt around the streets. There's just something about loose tops these days. They are very comfortable to wear. It's your typical go-to-top. That's why when I saw this top from Folded and Hung, I just had to get it. Plus I know I scored a good bargain. It's 30% off. I am a student and I have a very tight budget. And this neon green loose top is really a beauty. I've had this violet bandage skirt for months now. I got it at an ukay around Carriedo. Again, I'm in my favorite flower flats because I wasn't just a guest that day, I'm also in charge for behind the scenes.

Moving on, this is what I wore at a blessing party at the Hobbies Of Asia. The company's called Animation Journey. My ninang and her family owns it. I promise to blog about Animation Journey. Now I'm off to bed! I got loads of school works to do tomorrow. Night! 


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