Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crazy Colors

(Cropped Shirt - GTW; Faded To Gray Pants from F&H; Neon Pink Spiked Bangle borrowed from my Sister; Neon Bag from Nike)
First, apologies because the pictures are not that good for I don't have someone with me who knows how to operate an slr. Second, this is a late post. But as they say, better late than never. Right? Did you ever had a day wherein you cannot simply decide on what to put on? Well, this was it. Period. I was hurrying one Saturday morning. I'm terribly running late! For one, I have a morning class and a practicals. Two, I'll be performing  with the old and new members of XC. I really have no idea how to pack my things for that day. I don't even have something to wear. Then I remembered having this shirt buried in my closet for almost three months. The colors in it made the whole outfit. Isn't it? I don't even have to excessorize. :) The colors are real crazy. I never noticed how I was able to toned and tamed it down with the faded to gray pants from Folded and Hung I've had way back. Because I have a jam-packed day, I brought my trustee Nike Big Neon Bag with me and that completed the whole 'do.

x B.

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