Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ryzza... Fab At 18

This post is already two weeks old in my drafts because I've been waiting for pictures. And today I finally posted it. Have fun reading!

The Sister's Act. One thing about having a sibling is that you can share everything to them. I'm super glad that I have my little sister. She may not ALWAYS follow me but I still love her.
  Mom's colleagues. These are my mom's bestfriends. I bet they've been through a lot because no matter how busy each one of them is, they still try to make time for each other. Like this gathering. Right? Friendship isn't just about being there for each other.
 The Walk Of Fame. All of those who are listed as one of the 18's are tasked to walk the catwalk. And here's mine.
The Speech. They say that if you are one of the 18's, you have are obliged to tell the debutant what are the pros and cons being 18th because you've already experienced it. Here's mine delivering my 'mature speech'. Haha!

The Debutant. 

The food.

Best Dressed.  The party's theme is Rampage and besides strutting our best in the Walk Of Fame, just like any fashion show, there are special awards. So glad that I bagged the Best Dressed in Female Category.
My Family.
The Photobooth. What's a party if there's no photobooth?
The Percy Togonon. I was lucky to finally see Percy in person. He's the cousin of the debutant. Isn't he too cute? You probably seen him in commercials and TV 5's Bagets as Lucas Zamora. I'm no fan of him but I am betting that he's the next Richard Gomez or JM De Guzman. He's your extraordinary ideal man: tall, dark and handsome. Now, I'm a fan.
The Sisters. Maybe we're not blood-related but that doesn't mean we can't be sisters. I'm happy I have these people in my life. No matter how busy or distant we are, we try to communicate once in awhile. We've known each other since birth, I guess because our mothers are bestfriends for life. And I'm quite thrilled to spend the rest of my life with them. I may have few friends but at least, they're true no matter how distant we are from each other. They'll always be my sisters. Tomorrow, I'll get to see them again. :)

x B.

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