Sunday, December 9, 2012

Balik Marian 2012

Photos from last week's Alumni Xmas Party. My Alma Mater pretty much leveled up. Fully airconditioned rooms, clean corridors, shining floors, newly painted lockers, labeled rooms. If there's one thing that never change, it's the school itself where I stayed and became my second home for 11 years. It's funny how a single minute of staying in the corridor just by overlooking from the highest floors of the building can bring back so much memories. Good and bad memories. I spent half of my life in that school. I'm not the person I am today if not because of my Alma Mater. I'm glad that I attended the party with one of the few important people in my life. But after the dinner, we ditched immediately, headed straight to a friend's house and there we continue to share stories.

B <3

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