Monday, December 10, 2012

Saturday Night Wasted

I figured I gotta post something before heading out. So here's how my Saturday went. How did you spend your Saturday? Well my Saturday is a bit hectic. Woke up around 7am, published my birthday blog post for my bestfriend, ate buttered pandesal while I was reading my handouts as to complete my breakfast. I have my last Prelim Exam and one return demo for that day. But, it was cancelled! I never thought it could happen until last Saturday. Texted mom to meet me and we heard mass together cos it's Immaculate Conception Day also. Spent a little shopping time with her before we headed home. Took a shower before I meet my girls.
After the usual chikahan over a milktea session, we headed to our bestfriend's house.
Birthday Boy! <3
"I get butterflies everytime.."
To tell you honestly, we didn't even bother to stand up and line up for food. Really not hungry.
Photo opt with ze Birthday Boy.
My usual look whenever I drink alcohol. I always get rashes.
But when these two came over to our table, that's when endless stories started. I miss these two! They're like my brothers from another momma.
What a great way to end the night: reunited with old friends you haven't seen in ages, celebrated my best bud's birthday and got wasted as much as we like. It's fun to break the rules sometimes, you know. This people mean the world to me. 

B <3

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