Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Kind of Christmas Eve

Christmas Season has been my favorite holiday! I got TWO reasons. FIRST, it's because I get to leave Manila even just for couple of hours. For a student like me who drowns herself reading thick books every night, think I really could use a day far from the city

Reuniting with the relatives you didn't see for a long time is precious. That's my second reason. I always get thrilled seeing my favorite persons in the world. Glad that we're complete this year. Spending Christmas with family is the best thing on Earth. Being the eldest, I make it to a point that we always had the best Xmas Eve every year. Don't you just love seeing your lolo & lola?
 Moving on, here's what I wore last night. A polo is on top of my must-have list. And this one is a good find. I was just passing by around my favorite ukay place when this purple top caught my eye, hanging on the racks from the freshly unwrapped ukay bags.This one's kinda big for me I think.
Decided to wear minimal accessories for that day. The top is too eye-catching already. Don't you think? It spoke for me already.
Purple Top - My Favorite Ukay
White Shorts - Lee Philippines
Pink Sleeveless Top - Divi
Gold Loafers - Primadonna
Watch - Gift from Mom/Avon

I still remember when I was a kid, I'm always excited for Xmas. Who would not be thrilled when you open gifts on Christmas Eve? Or receive money from your ninong & ninangs? I have a wonderful childhood. And until today, I still live up to that tradition.

We went back to Manila the same day and I know it's only a couple of hours that we stayed in our quiet home & reunited with my relatives, but the hassle of going back and forth is ALL WORTH IT. After all, Christmas means family. Jesus as the center of our Family. Happy Christmas!

B <3


andew baler said...

same shoes with your sister,.. : )

Bea Osteria said...

Kuya Andrew! Hehe. YES YES! Pareho nga ;)