Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa

Just a couple of hours to go till the Noche Buena. Where are you spending yours? While you're reading this, I'm off to my Lola's House in Cavite. We do this every year. But before anything else, here's something just in time for Christmas Season.

*Hi, Mom! I know you read my blog! Thank you for being supportive. I love you!
Quick catching up session with these three while I was waiting for my turn to grace the runway.

Could I pass now for being a Christmas Gift?

Unfortunately, I didn't got any special awards. I was really rooting for the Wild Thing & Dear Santa Categories! But no worries, cos I won second runner up, still. That's not a bad thing after all. What's the most important is I that met new and wonderful people.

This is my Dear Santa costume. The fifth and the final outfit. This one's just in time for tomorrow. How's your Christmas vacay so far? Well me, I'm buried at home. If not glued to my bed, I'm in front of my evil laptop browsing and reading blogs. This isn't my ideal vacay but I'm getting along. We're down to the last day of Simbang Gabi. They say if you completed the nine day mass, you'll get what you wish for. Well as for me, you don't have to complete it, what it takes is to believe and have faith. Don't you think?

 I'm just so happy that I'll be out of town even for a little while.  Well,  all I need is a breath of fresh air, a change in scenery and a quiet serene environment. And I hope that will make me feel a lot better. I still have rashes all over my body and my eyes are bloodshot red. 

Anyways, Advance Happy Christmas!


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