Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eco-friendly Wedding

*Wedding March*
Third outfit. The theme is anything recycled. Notice something?
Yes, you're right. That mini gown is made up of tissue. Yes, you heard me. T-I-S-S-U-E! The group who made this one made sure it will hold off. The base they used for the skirt is a tarpaulin. They carefully glued tissue to it. One by one. Little by little. 
Even the bouquet of flowers is made of tissue. Technically, it's two piece. A bra and a skirt. But they made it looked like no less than a mini gown by putting a straw. A long oneeeeeee.
Meet my two high school besties. They're my sisters from another mother. Haha! Sadly, we're not complete. My other two besties have something more important to attend to :( *Thanks for the support you two! I love you!*
It's amazing how my make up went from a simple heavy one to a wedding worthy make up. Di ba? Big thanks to the group assigned for this recycled outfit! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, im really sleepy. 

B <3

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