Friday, December 21, 2012

Good Girl Gone Hippie

Holaaaaa! How did ya spend your 12-21-12? Mine was pretty good. In fact, it was great. I'm blessed to be surrounded with the people that I love and who appreciates me. Grateful cos I have readers. If you happen to read my blog, cheers! We're kicking and alive! Seriously I'm just really really thankful for everything that's coming way. I'm really not the ranting type of person. So instead of killing myself at home with my flooded twitter & facebook timeline about the end of the world, I went out and about. Okayyy, my mind's already half asleep so forgive me if I'm not saying reasonable things. Onto my blog post yes?

This one's long overdue. I know, I know. Remember when I blogged about Fashionista Photoshoot? This is what I wore. All the hipster photos goes here.
So the photoshoot was held in a studio which turned out to be a condo around Makati. It's a small place but it looks huge on the inside. Before knocking on the studio's door, I actually thought there's a party cos the music is really loud. Hah.
*Goofing around!*
*With my everyday partner in crime-slash-photographer-slash-best girlfriend*
 Now this is my favorite part! I'm running like a headless chicken IN HEELS the moment I got down from the stage. In a fashion show, cramming is a must. There shouldn't be dead air in between segments. Good thing, my knees are fine cos I thought I'll be sick with PFPS :)
Now, my turn to strut my stuff on the runway! :))
*Thank you to the guy who lend me his leather jacket.*

Thoughts? :) Goodnight!

B <3

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