Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OOTD: 8 in the Morning

Usually after a long day, I have a bad habit of dropping by at a friend's house. Gonna stay there for a couple of hours. Then there's a little chit chat and funny moments with my girlfriends. It's one of my ritual to de-stress & de-toxify myself. My day isn't complete if I'm not exhausted and tired. That's my everyday routine :) Went to bed to take a quick nap cos I still got a lot of things to do for the night. And then bam! I woke up the following day not finishing my to-do list from yesterday's. Ever had a bad day? That's my cue.
Me being busy as a bee, I don't think I have time to have a bad day. So take it away. I turned that bad day into a good one by dressing up. 
 The assigned color for the day is blue. I panicked cos I don't remember having anything blue in my closet. Haha! Remember this top? If not, check it out here. :)
We took these photos at around past 8 in the morning when the rays from the sun are still healthy :) I have the nerve to goof around cos there's not much students passing by.
Cardigan - Giordano Philippines
Top - Thrift Store
Jeans - Folded & Hung
Accessories -  168 Mall
Shoes - Korean Brand
Sunnies - Rayban Philippines

How do you turn your bad day into a good one? Let me know! <3
All the love,
B <3


andew baler said...

keep on blogging!! nice aviator!

Bea Osteria said...

Thanks Kuya Andrew! :) That's my Dad's aviator :p