Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Walking Highlighter

Warning! You're eyes might hurt from looking too much. Don't tell I didn't warned you. I seriously think this is the last time I'm going to wear a neon.
Well I feel like I'm a walking highlighter yesterday. Seriously!
Neon Pink Top - Charlie
Peacock Skirt - In Vogue Collections
Gold & Black Flats - So Fab!

 Okay the very reason I wore something as hurting-to-the-eyes like this is because I wanna break the rules. If you're a fashion junkie, well you know that the season's in colors are oxblood, anything metallics or has studs & spikes or anything glittered. There are 365 days in a year wherein I could wear whatever's trendy and in. So I thought I'm gonna make Christmas Day an exception.

Ever hold yourself back from doing what you love but never had the guts to do it because your family thinks its not good for you or because they know whats good for you? I'm perfectly fine with that but not forever. Breaking the rules is not as bad as what other adult people think. Sometimes you gotta be loose, fun and happy or just go wherever your heart takes you. There's risk. I gotta say. There's a part of your mind that's scared, frightened and afraid of what might happen. Bad things that might happen. Mistakes hard to undo. Or things you'll forever regret. But isn't it that in life, you learn more from your own mistakes? You became more regretful cos you didn't have the guts to do it? I know the feeling cos I had experienced it. Well at least in my own perspective, you grow up being a smarter and wiser person than you were yesterday. A stronger one. So break the rules, be stupid for a day & go wherever your heart takes you but be sure to take your mind with you.

Happy Holidays! :) Hope you like my outfit.

xx, Bea.

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