Monday, December 31, 2012


Hello! I just got back from a two-day 'out of town trip' and I had to admit that I really really had the best time. Finally had the chance to escape the city and get lost for two days. Not the relaxing vacay I had in mind but so far the crazy & best one. Definitely in my 2012 highlights. Now lets move on to what I wore.
My Good Morning Pose :))

This is my laid-back outfit and having said laid back means a chucks, shorts & a cute top. After all I'm going to a theme park and ride extreme rides so comfort is a must. I'm comfort over style but this one could pass for being a little stylish I think. Haha! You can never go wrong in a pair of sunnies for a no-make up face.
Shoes - Converse Philippines
Scalloped Top - From Bangkok
Denim Shorts - Ukay/Thrift Store
Sunnies - Ray-ban
After asking my parents for a quick getaway from the city, they finally allowed me for a trip that I've been yearning for. Our EK trip is a last minute decision. The original plan I had in mind is that I'm going with my High School Besties but since most of them are out of town too, why not go with my cousins. It was the same day last year that we went to Star City and gone crazy.

 This is the best EK trip I had in years! No matter how scorching hot the sun is, how long the lines are, and how soaking wet we all are after riding Rio Grande Rapids, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. And yes that needs to be emphasized. Plus being with the people who means alot to me, that made the trip unforgettable and priceless. How are you spending your break?

 Hope you liked my look! x

x B.

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