Friday, January 11, 2013

I am Titanium

I woke up a little extra lazy today because one, the weather. It's crazy how the weather changes everytime. It's bipolar! Two, my body still aches from last night's. I stood for more than an hour to represent & defend our case. That hurt. BUT I gotta get up because I've finished my turn and decided to reward myself today.

So maybe you're wondering why do I called this post Titanium. Well let me tell you. Just before 2012 ended, an anonymous person commented on one of my sister's blog post. He/She said nasty and foul things about me and my sister. Luckily Blogger has the ability to trace each pageview. He/she is our friend. I gotta say that I'm not surprised. I AM WELL AWARE that you can't really please anybody but couldn't you mind your own business? I still like to think that you only said that becos you know that it'll help me and my sister grow and make room for changes.
 Our parents would often say that 'You just have to prove them wrong." And how to do that? It's by doing what they think you can't do. It's funny how these people judge me without even knowing me and my story. What I did learned from this encounter? I learned who are my true friends. I am very blessed to have my parents support me and my sister into whatever we'd like to do. They've always been supportive.
Black Bodycon Dress - The Fashion Police Closet
Shoes/Flats - So Fab!
Gray Blazer - Forgot where did I bought it!*
So to you, THIS blog post is for you and the song TITANIUM is my anthem for bullies. Be aware that I am not doing this for you but because for the love of blogging and fashion. Please leave my sister alone. A nasty and foul comment is not enough to let me down. You can't stop me from doing what makes me happy.You can't talk about my dreams because I am the one who is making it. I will NEVER stop blogging.

Let me quote David Guetta's Titanium.

You shout it loud, but I can't hear a word you say 
I'm talking loud, not saying much 
I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet 
you shoot me down, but I get up

Which means that no matter what you do, you cannot STOP me from doing what I love. 
I don't have any reason to be mad because I'm too blessed for that. Instead, I'm using your words to fuel myself into reaching my dreams.
Sorry for not talking that much bout the outfit. This is what I wore today. The weather's gloomy and I'm undecided what to wear so when in doubt, go black. I just love how this bodycon hugs my figure and the gray blazer/cardigan that made it a little less sexy.

Tucked in at bed already & watching Pretty Little Liars. Hope y'all having the coziest night. Goodnight!

x Bea


sef tiburcio said...

awesome shots. nice cardigan too!

Bea Osteria said...

thanks Kuya Sef!