Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Magic Stays With You

Believe it or not, this last minute Enchanted Kingdom trip that I had is my only second time since first grade. So imagine how excited I am when this trip pushed through. I know, I know. Living in Manila is not an excuse to not visit one of Laguna's best tourist spot. In fact I should be visiting it once every year for adrenaline rush that the extreme rides will give me. Can't blame my folks for not letting me grow up travelling alone. I'm such a good girl that my everyday routine is school-home-slash-home-school. That routine went by till high school. Even going to malls, I HAVE to bring a chaperone. That's how protective they are to me. Still love them to bits and pieces though cos I grew up disciplined and good. But somehow that routine had to stop right? So here's my second out and about with my cousins from father's side. Nuff talking. Let me share you what changed in the theme park since grade one. Loller. 
 Attempted to do a quick run cos I rarely have a good place to jog at but it's a very cold 5am. So I just sat in front of the house while having coffee and watched the sky reveal its beauty.

After a quick joyride, finally!
 Bumped into my little girl who I've not seen in ages.  Grabehan ang biglaang paglaki! Ganda-ganda! Hi baby!
EKstreme from afar! 
  I'm praying for clear skies & fair weather the night before the trip cos the skies are crying. God really let me enjoy and savor the day. IT WAS SCORCHING HOT!! I even got my skin tanned for free! Haha.
First ride is Dodgem. Pretty much the counterpart of bump car in Star City. I had fun steering the wheel and dodge on random people's car. For awhile, I felt like I'm driving my very OWN car .
Second ride: ROLLER SKATERS for pre-adrenaline rush. Haha!
I was holding my phone then becos I wanna take a snapshot of the view behind all these tall rides and what it feels like going up 120 feet above the ground. The view is breath-taking. Feeling ko, I'm on cloud nine.
But when I looked down and saw how high we are already, I got scared & nervous so ayun di na ko napicturan. *sad face*
Proud to say that I did it. It was 3 minutes fear of height and 10 seconds adrenaline rush.
Went back at the parking lot for lunch & to take outfitteyyy. Haha! See what I wore HERE.
My boys! Next stop was the Hot Air Balloon.
Quick photo session
Fourth stop: Rialto. This is us goofing while waiting for our turn.
5th stop: Disk-O-Magic
The newest attraction in EK. I backed out when I learned how long the line are, paano kasi parang malalaglag eh. Haha! But it is worth the shot for adrenaline junkies out there. Sabi ng sisterette ko, same lang daw ng feeling sa Anchor's Away minus the air in your stomach. Hehe!
6th stop: Rio Grande Rapids
Okay, this is our 'wet' look. Haha! 
 Didn't ride this famous & terrifying Space Shuttle simply becos I feel Ima throw up anytime & no one's brave to try this one. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw how this one works but I'm sure the adrenaline is def intense!
8th stop: Wheel of Fate
I think this one is my favorite from all the rides! I got to see the city lights from the top! If the view of Laguna 120 feet above the ground during day was already breathtaking, well it's gorgeous also during night!
 8th stop: Anchor's Away
 9th stop: Flying Fiesta
After another ride at Rio Grande Rapids, I'm finally soaking wet! I had a quick shower from the falls. Haha! But I'm happy. Nagpatuyo kami sa Flying Fiesta. Ending wit talab kaya basa pa din :)
Five minutes pagkatapos namin sa Flyig Fiesta, eto agad bumungad. Some rides had to stop and give way for the Fireworks Show. It was beautiful! :)
After a loonggggg day, we had our photo taken outside the theme park. It was indeed a spontaneous fun day! Something definitely memorable. Sad thing, my parents didn't make it cos they have work. I'll be back, conquer my fears & ride Space Shuttle and Disk-O-Magic but maybe after a year pa kasi busy. Really, the magic stays with you!

It's around 12 midnight when we left the park. Good thing may Mcdo along the highway. We're able to have dinner ng sabay-sabay. And when we got home, no one's talking na. Everyone went to bed agad! Haha. Anyways, sorry for the short hiatus. Been busy ever since school started. Good thing I finished our medical diagnosis this afternoon  that's why I was able to blog something before bedtime.

 Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did! :) Goodnight! xx

x Bea

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