Friday, April 12, 2013


Hey guys! Long time no post! :) Sorry if I did abandoned my little space. It's been a difficult three-months about school. I really have to you know, focus on my studies cause my grades are not that good. I actually thought of quitting and shutting it down. It is hard to maintain a blog you know. But thank God it's over and done with. I can finally say that I'm back to blogging & dressing up. So how are you spending your Summer Break? 

Well as for me, I'm buried at home. I just watch tv, play on my ipad, listen to music, pet my dogs & sleep late. It isn't thrilling but I'm good. I've got plans for the next weeks which I'm quite excited about. Onto my outfit yes?
Last February my sister attended a debut party and I chaperoned for her. I took her photos and waited till the party ended. I tagged along my mom who chaperoned me always when I attend late night parties. I find this outfit not that well put together but it's good to try new things once in a while right? I love this Raglan shirt which is by the way, became 'in' but when the summer wind started to blew, the trend was quickly gone.
Notice anything different around? I've given my blog a little lift since I left it suffering but now I'm back. 

Hope you like my look!

x Bea.

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