Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Missing school

It's been a month and half since my summer break started and I kind of miss school unbelievably. Luckily for me as I was digging my computer files I found these forgotten outfit shots. In my school, I don't get to have a wash day as per my course is concern so when my college held a seminar one saturday afternoon, I took the liberty of dressing up to what I feel.

Fortunately my school sits inside the historic walls of Intramuros so there are many good landscape backgrounds.
My hands are itching to do a DIY so for this top that I got I soaked and bleached half of it at 3 in the morning. Turned out pretty good. Not bad for a first timer huh..
(Top - Thrift store, Pink Cardigan & Pastel Jeans - 168 Mall, Gold loafers - Primadonna, Red/blue bag - Folded & Hung)
I was originally planning to wear this top with a pair of denim but it's Summer and I'd like to do something out of the ordinary for a change. So why not pair it with a pastel jeans? *big grin!*

Really I miss school! The surrounding, the not-so-well conditioned room, smell of newly watered grass, the everyday quizzes and the company: my friends. But I just missed that. I didn't say I'm ready for school at this time. After all I still have 6 weeks ahead of me to ready myself.

That ombre blue top that I DIY-ed the night before?? Yeah.. the reason why I've such eyebags.

Hope you like it!

Bea x

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