Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Antipolo 2012

It's not everyday you get to celebrate Sunday with the whole family. Well, I'm talking about the clan. :) It was the last sunday of September and my tita who is based in UAE is leaving in a few days. Everytime she takes her vacation here and it's time for her to go back, she would always plan to hear mass at Antipolo, Rizal. If you never heard of Our Lady Of Peace and Good Voyage, you're not..

Since taking pictures aren't allowed inside the church, we opt taking it outside. 

 My wonderful family!
 They're crazy! Since adults don't know how to do a wacky face but I was literally shouting and saying "Wacky na yan? Wacky na yan?". Maybe I annoyed them so their faces ended up like this. Aren't they cute? Hahaha!

Can you tell me whose the oldest?
Last summer of this year, me and my cousins stayed at our Grandma's house in Cavite. We were there for about two weeks. Staying there was good because I was able to bond with my first degree cousins. It's been the first since we're all pretty grown ups now. Midnight deliveries from our favorite food chain and then movie marathon till we're all sleepy and the juiciest stories of the town: all of that in two weeks. We were never that close until that summer time. So whenever there's a family outing or event, we all get thrilled.
Now, who jumped the highest?

You can tell that from these pictures we are all happy. I'm glad I had spent my summer with them and left the Busy Manila for awhile.

 After the picture taking, of course we are starving. We headed at the Savory where the tastiest chicken is served. Didn't get to take pictures of the food because I am really starving. After lunch, we went back to Cavite to change for the wedding that night.

I have no packed clothes from Manila so I just tied my polo.

It's really fun to have a sister not too much young because you get to bond with her and talk to her about almost every random thing. She's been my seatmate during the entire ceremony. I was reviewing that time in Pharma for my final exam the next day when she started goofing around me. So we ended up goofing around.

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