Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A month ago, my mom, my sister and I went to a casual dinner date. Not a real date-date eh. Mom was invited by her college bestfriend to meet up, dine while sharing juicy stories. My sister and I was luckily dragged all the way from Manila to Edsa-LRT to Shaw Blvd to SM Megamall. Tita Esmer's daughter picked us up at the Megamall and went to their condo. 

These are my mom's college bestfriends with Tita Esmie's grandson & Tita Juvy's youngest daughter.
 It is an intimate yet casual celebration. When we got there, we are all starving so when the food came out, you know what happened. :)
 We weren't told that we are celebrating at the gazebo beside the pool. Sadly, I have no packed swimsuit for that night. Isn't this view quite relaxing? Away from the busiest streets of Manila.

 Luckily, the second girl from the right lent us her swimsuits so we will all be able to take quick dip in the pool.

If you know me, I won't let a get together like this pass in having everyone smile altogether for a picture. That night will surely be repeated and I cannot wait! :)  Till then! :)

x B.

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