Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Day Being A Teen

Today is the Eve of my Birthday and I always get thrilled when my birthday's coming up but this day is no different. Same, old routine. I know it's sembreak already but I still had to go to school to pass some important documents that cannot wait. Well, it is Saturday today so that means Eucharistic Mass at 12nn but unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend coz it took me a little longer to process those important documents. Moving on, I followed mum, pops & my sister at SM Manila for lunch and ate at Hap Chan's Restaurant. If you must know, Hap Chan serves Chinese dishes that are mouth-watering. Promise to blog about it the next time we eat there.

So sorry if I only had this floral jeans more photographed than my ruffled sleeveless top. I just can't get enough of it. Sorry too, if I don't have a much better picture of  the whole outfit. We were in a mall, striking a pose even on the side will cause me weird stares from strangers and I swear that I will never get used to that. 
Pairing this lovely floral jeans with a white top made it even more attention-grabbing. The floral prints are just too gorgeous. I remember reading magazines way back and they would tell me that one should not wear something more than 5 which means less is beautiful during daytime but fashion today is not just like that anymore. I've hoarded these colorful bracelets from 168 which I think add a little oomph to the outfit. See that 'Shut Up' ring? I bought that for a twenty pesos.
 Well here's at least a decent side shot of the white ruffled sleeveless top that I've had for two years now.
 Now the front part but not decent, sorry. :p
And I've overloaded myself flowers, with my ever favorite floral white flats from Tomato that's been two years old also, since no one is giving me. And before I end my night, let me at least share you one food photo that we had for merienda. 
I'm a sucker for coffee. Very addicted to it. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I drank my daily dose of caffeine with a mini bibingka. Forgive me because I'm so madaldal today and this kadaldalan led me to a long post. Hahaha! Goodnighty! 

Photos by Bianca Osteria

xoxo, B.

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