Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Photo Diary

1. Angel Locsin's Slip Into Fragrance - Mom's Gift
2 - 3. Box of watch - Mom's Gift
4. Mint clothes & Mint Fashion Show Tickets - Dad's Gift
5. My favorite Mocha Cake from Red Ribbon's.
6 - 7. Foods from Savory Resto.
8. Making a wish
9. Blowing candles.
10. Eating ice cream while reading birthday messages.

Yesterday is my 20th birthday. My family and I celebrated it at home. So far, my 19th is colorful & full of memories. So many blessings has come my way and I'm very thankful to the Man above. I learned so many lessons that I believe I could use in the future. As another chapter of my life begins, I'm more than ready to take adventures, bring my own sunshine and go where the wind will take me.


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