Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burning Red

Last night I attended the Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 along with my sister. So let me share you my 'first time experiences' 1) It's my first time to attend a fashion show & it's definitely something that I can crossed out now to my bucket list. 2) So far, it's my first major event that I've attended as a young adult. 3) Believe it or not, it's my first time to actually stepped foot at SMX Convention Center. 

I feel like that this fashion show is a huge milestone of my life. It's definitely something worth-remembering. My last days being a nineteen-year-old was a little bit not okay. What I always look forward to when life's knocking me down, are the lessons I learned that could make or break me.
(Dress used as a top from Mint; Red Peplum Skirt from Divisoria; Black Heels from VNC)
I'm not pretty fond of wearing red but this color is really something. Now that I'm a lady I think I can wear anything that I like. Well, my dad and my mom are my number one fans BUT they're also my biggest critics when it comes to dressing up.
I love how red can make you look fiercer and all grown up.
All the photos above are taken at the parking lot. I suggested to my sister to take outfit shots before we leave because I bet we'll be surprised of how many people we'll be there. You know, I'll never get used to the weird stares people throw at me. Hahaha!

Going back to basic colors are never boring. To add a little spice to the outfit, I put on the sequined gold/silver/black belt that’s actually a headband. I’m surprised how this oufit went from drab to fab. Just with the right color palette of accessories, you're good to go.

Photos are taken by my lovely sister Bianca Osteria

x B.

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