Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Times

I went out and visited my only boy bestfriend last Tuesday since he told me he's leaving and migrating back to America. Just days before semestral break started, I've already asked the girls to come too so we could hang out.  I think the last time we all hangout was a year ago during my birthday. So this one is overdue. And honestly, I miss them so much.

That's me, Julianne & Dennisee. Actually we are five girls in the group but the two have other commitments. *sad face*
What we had for afternoon snack. :) 
And my dearest bestfriend. A bit ass sometimes but he has a good heart. :)

Look whose girly at the back all of a sudden. Well who would have thought that I'll be friends with that guy. He even bullied me during grade school days. He's pretty much kind & more mature now.
 After 987654321 years, this guy showed up with a friend. Constantly calling each one of us the whole afternoon because he doesn't have money daw. But at least, he showed up. Cracked jokes like we're still high school students. Well, we're never too old for that, isn't it?
Texting or Playing? :)
We ordered two boxes of pizza but twenty minutes later, they magically disappeared. 
 The last two person who arrived late ditched first. How's that? That's what you called eat and run. Haha! Used to it. But after they left, we waited for Joel's mum who brought us home another round of pizza.
We basically spent the whole day chit-chatting, eating, watching non-sense tv shows & sharing the juiciest secrets I never thought I'd hear. We even snucked out, drove home Julianne, dropped by at another friend's house then another until we found ourselves back at my bestfriend's house and sang love songs at the top of our lungs in the middle of the night like we're some kind of broken hearted. It was the most late date I ever had. Then the guys drove me and Dennisee home. I never thought I'd stay longer than five hours because I got important things to do. But whatever. It's been a year since we last saw each other. Now, it's been three days since we last hang out. I'm glad I spent my last two years in high school with them. By far, my Senior Year is the best. Who would have thought I'd be super close to them? Never saw that one coming. They're one of the best thing that has ever happened to me. I super enjoyed that night and I hope that we get to hang out the soonest and we'd be complete. #Crossedfingers When I'm with them, It's always a good time. No dull moments.
P.S. Sorry for the blurry & grainy photos. Some are taken using iPhone.


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