Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1 of PhFW S/S 2013: Supermodel 2012

Last Tuesday, my sister & I went to the Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013. My parent's gift to me is a ticket for Mint's Fashion Show,  I was extremely jumping into joy because I was randomly picked as one of the guest for Supermodel 2012 which is also happening on the same day. Forgive me for I cannot post all of the pieces they showcased. Now here's my rundown of favorites. Well, few still means many so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Okay?
I love the color & pleats!
Fierce for a slim girl :)
Definitely not me. Maybe change the color to white? :)
Again, maybe change the color of cape? Sorry, don't know what it's called. Teehee.
I love this overall! But okay maybe not? I'll lose the blue socks.
First show is Supermodel 2012. For those of you who do not know, it is a search for the newest faces to conquer the fashion world and now they've been named last Tuesday. Photos above are my favorites and I'm no way affiliated with any of them. 

Photos above are taken using my sister's camera: Pentax Kx :) I've been running like a headless chicken because the first two shows schedule are bit of overlapping & they're pretty not on the same floor. And running means on heels. Yes my feet did hurt but for the love of fashion, it's nothing. :)
Have you seen what I wore? Well, go here. :)

Glad to have a company to watch the show. Apologies for the blurry shot. It was like whirlwind. It's the first day and it's jam packed! :) Now that's all for this post.

XX, B.

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